First Ever

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The Concept

First Ever is the official supplier for on-court and off-court apparel of the NBL. Their high-grade, custom-made jerseys are the end-to-end solution for local clubs to have affordable access to the same apparel as the pros.

The Outcome

We teamed up with First Ever to create a timeless logo and brand identity that would represent their vision to move the sport of basketball forward. Focused on inspiring lovers of basketball from kids to professionals, our mark creates an impact that could evolve through any era of style and is flexible on physical and digital platforms. The logo has since been the centre of official NBL jerseys nation-wide.

Services Rendered

Brand Strategy, Logo, Brand Identity

We use flags to identify and embrace the world’s diverse cultures. The first time mankind broke boundaries to land on the moon, we made our mark with a flag. A jersey to an athlete is the flag they wear proudly. Our F.E. monogram intertwined within a flag encapsulates our pride and celebration of culture.

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The Rest

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