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The Project

Volant is a premium badminton apparel line that we named after the sport’s ancient origins. The brand has been crafted to fulfil a vision to change the perception of badminton and show the world how incredible the game truly is. The name is a translation of the ability to fly, thus being illustrated throughout the brand system and messaging. The Volant team approached us to help create a world-class identity that would empower badminton players to represent their sport with pride and style, which could evolve with their sportswear selection.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging

Secretly derived from the space between a shuttlecock’s feathers, Volant's symbol is a representation of the wings we have within and the unification of two founders with a vision to change the world of badminton.

Driven to redesign the sportswear packaging experience, we were inspired by shuttlecock tubes to encase the premium apparel. The brand maintains and magnifies a badminton tradition that truly hits home.

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